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Children's Cancer Research Unit (CCRU)

Formerly Oncology Research Unit

About the CCRU - What We Do

Our unit was founded in 1997 as the research-dedicated arm of the clinical Oncology Department, and now undertakes basic, clinical and translational cancer research with ~30 research and support staff. We carry out research into a number of cancer types, with a focus on the solid tumours of childhood and adolescence that have a poor patient prognosis; tumours such as, neuroblastoma, brain tumours and childhood sarcomas. As experimental models are not available for all cancer types, researchers within the unit also use models of more common cancers to discover critical mechanisms in tumour progression. These discoveries can then be applied to rarer childhood cancers.

Our research programmes aim to achieve the following:

  • Increase understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of childhood and other cancers
  • Develop new cancer treatments using gene therapy and molecularly targeted approaches
  • Facilitate and promote research into childhood cancer through the provision of high quality clinical specimens, laboratory research platforms, and research expertise

The Unit has research programs in the following areas:

The Unit's Tumour Bank also includes the Pathology Support Laboratory, which provides specialized expertise in research-based tissue handling techniques.

Further information can be accessed at:

To learn more about clinical research being undertaken within the Oncology Department, please visit the Oncology Department webpage.


This document was updated on Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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