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The Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee of the Rehabilitation Department provides an ongoing opportunity for parents to be involved in the development of the services offered by the Rehabilitation Department.

The committee meets approximately four times per year and involves parents and staff members. Meetings are informal and are usually held in the Parents and Carer's Resource Centre at The Children's Hospital.

The parent representatives on the committee are a 'voice' for all parents and children involved with the Rehabilitation Department Service. The Rehabilitation Department is keen to hear from parents, on how the service might be improved and which aspects of the service work well.

The Parent Advisory Committee can also be contacted by parents who may want to speak with someone who has been through a similar experience. This is done through the email address listed below.

Emails are then received and reviewed by staff from the Parent Advisory Committee, who will then facilitate communication between the parent/carer and the appropriate parent representative from the committee.

For more information about the Parent Advisory Committee, please contact our service or write an email to

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