The Children's Hospital at Westmead
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What We Do

We provide opportunities for students to:

  • Enjoy positive experiences
  • Learn new things
  • Keep in contact with and engage in school work from the home school
  • Strengthen areas that are causing concern
  • Participate in educational activities, computer skills, home school, Book Bunker, incursions , music, special events, visitors, cooking, creative arts
  • Keep in contact with the home school
  • Engage in the use of technology in their educational programs

We provide support for students by:

  • Encouraging Parents/ Carers to be actively involved in school activities where possible
  • Keeping up relationships & communication with the home school through email, internet, telephone, faxes, developing programs etc
  • Developing educational programs and providing learning materials for each individual student
  • Teaching All students (K-12) following DET Syllabus Guidelines
  • Comprehensively catering for School Certificate & HSC students
  • Enrolling siblings under special circumstances.
  • Working in consultation with medical staff, therapists, allied health professionals and the home school

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