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What is ChIPS

ChIPS is a exciting adolescent peer support program for young people aged 12-25 years who are living with a chronic illness or condition that affects their day-to-day lives.

The program is run by adolescents for adolescents and it includes you in a network of young people living with a chronic illness, who have probably experienced the same things you are experiencing.

Introductory groups:

After you are referred, you start with attending introductory groups (over 8 weeks) where we talk about your life at the moment and all the things that impact on your life, including your illness. These are run by a young person who is already a member of ChIPS, as well as a nurse coordinator.


After you have completed these 8 groups, you are a full member of ChIPS and can come along to anything we offer, including socials (outings to places like bowling, laser tag, visits to the aquarium, IMAX, parks, and more) and our annual camp!

ChIPS Camp:

Camp is a great way to strengthen bonds with young people you have met in your introductory groups and at socials, as well as challenging yourself to break through your perceived barriers to achieve more than you ever thought you could! We have a great team of hospital staff who come along to make our camp extra fun.

Leadership Opportunities:

We also run leadership training every year to help you develop skills in communications, public speaking, and working with teams, which are all great skills to have not only in high school, but also for further education, jobs, and just in life in general. You may also have the opportunity to teach other health professionals at conferences and in education sessions about the experiences of young people living with chronic illness.


ChIPS is a great program and benefits are seen by participants and parents alike.

As one of our leaders says "Everyone understands each other and you don't feel you need to explain yourself. You can just be"

If you would like more information on the ChIPS Program please contact, ChIPS Coordinator Katie Moore at or (02) 9845 2446

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